How to Check Trader Joe’s Gift Card Balance

How to Check Trader Joe’s Gift Card Balance

Trader Joe’s is a famous American chain of grocery stores.Founded in 1958 by Joe Coulombe, the company headquartered is located in Monrovia, California, US.Currently, the Trader Joe’s is located in over 474 locations across the US.

Trader Joe's gift card balance

Trader Joe’s describes itself as “your neighborhood grocery store.” Unlike traditional stores Trader Joe’s sells limited items around 4000+ products in the following category:

  • Gourmet
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian
  • Frozen
  • Imported Foods
  • Domestic / Imported Wine & Beer.

Some Non-Food items include:

Personal hygiene products and household cleaners, vitamins, pet foods, plants, and flowers.

Are gift cards sold online?

No. Currently, Trader Joe’s only offers gift cards in their physical stores. So if you want to buy a Trader Joe’s gift card you’ll have to purchase it from the store.

Do not be fooled by the websites that claim to sell gift cards online, none of these websites are directly affiliated with Trader Joe’s. Avoid buying the Trader Joe’s gift card online.

Can you check your gift card balance online?

No. In order to check gift card balance, you’ll have to visit the nearest store and ask the cashier to scan the gift card for you to check the balance.

Avoid websites that claim to check your gift card balance. Trader Joe’s does not endorse this practice and you should avoid it. Such websites use misleading titles and images and make false claims. some of the popular sites are and Giftcardgranny. Protect yourself and avoid getting scam. Just visit any nearby Trader Joe’s store to get your gift card balance.

Do Trader Joe’s gift card have an expiration date?

Trader Joe’s gift card does not have an expiration date. The funds that have been loaded into the gift card will remain intact no matter how much time has passed. Just make sure to keep your card in good condition so that the machine can scan it without any issue.

Is it possible to request a gift card replacement?

If you want to replace the Trader Joe’s gift card you or the person who has purchased the card will need to show the receipt to prove ownership and only then you’ll be able to replace the gift card.

How much money can be loaded on a gift card?

The maximum amount that one can currently load on a gift card is $100.00 and these funds can then be used to purchase any of the products available in Trader Joe’s store and that includes alcohol.

However, In order to purchase Alcohol, you must be 21, you’ll be requested to show ID.

Is there any age limit to purchase Trader Joe’s gift card?

No. There’s no age restriction, anyone can purchase Trader Joe’s gift card.

Don’t forget to get the receipt if in case you decide to return the gift card or if you have misplaced it or want to replace it.

Does the Trader Joe’s gift card have any fees or maintenance charges?

No, There are no fees or maintenance charges.

How many gift cards can one customer buy?

There’s no restriction on how many gift cards can one customer purchase. You can load as many gift cards as you want. Just pay the cashier at the register and they will add the funds in your Trader Joe’s card.

Can I mail the gift card?

Yes, you can send the gift card via mail as well. But make sure to send it in a padded envelope and don’t forget to mention a return address on the gift card. You can also use a thin piece of cardboard to send the gift card to avoid the card from being damaged while in transit.

Is it possible to spend funds in other stores?

Unfortunately, not right now. The Trader Joe’s gift card cannot be used at other stores. At Trader Joe’s their goal is to build relationships with their customers.

Why Trader Joe’s is so cheap?

  • By cutting out any middlemen and dealing directly with the suppliers ensures that Trader Joe’s customers get the best possible prices and highest-quality products.
  • Trader Joe’s is very serious about the quality of the products that they are selling that is why they only sell a limited amount of items in their store which ensures that their customers get the finest, exotic and fresh foods that they are used to.
  • Trader Joe’s allows their suppliers to stock their shelves free-of-charge in order to save money. This allows Trader Joe’s to strengthens their relationship with the buyer and the seller.

Store Timing

The store opens at 8 am and remains open till 9 pm, from Monday to Friday.

You can bring your gift card during these hours and check your gift card balance. During holidays or other special events the hours may vary.

Pronto Markets & Trader Joe’s

As I mentioned earlier on in the article the, the Trader Joe’s chain was founded in 1958. At that time the stores were called Pronto Markets. However, in 1967 the stores were renamed to Trader Joe’s (After the name of it’s Founder.)

New Locations:

As of 2018, Trader Joe’s locations include Washington D.C., Fresno, and New York. So whether you live in these locations or even if you’re just visiting you can simply purchase gift card by heading over to the Union Market located in Washington, Fresno in sunny California, or SoHo (93rd & Columbus) in New York to buy a Trader Joe’s gift card for yourself or even for your loved ones.

  • Updated December 30, 2018
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