How To Access Chick Fil A Gift Card Balance

Chick-fil-A offers gift card service and these gift cards can easily be purchased from any Chick-fil-A outlet, If you spend $50 or more you will receive reward points which you can redeem for purchasing food from the restaurant. These gift cards are very popular and people love to give restaurant gift cards to their loved ones on different occasions and during the holiday season.

Currently, It is not possible to purchase the gift card online from Chick-fil-A website but you can buy it from Amazon or any other popular website that sells Chick fil A gift card. In this article, we’ll be providing you information on how to check your Chick fil A gift card balance.

Chick-fil-A Gift Cards

How To Check Chick Fil A Gift Card Balance?

The company does not offer the option to check Chick-fil-A gift card balance online. But if you have any questions regarding the gift card you can find the answers on here. You can reload the gift card or check the balance of your gift card using card machine at the restaurant.

Check Balance At Chick-fil-A Restaurant:

  • To find a nearby Chick-fil-A restaurant use this Store Locator feature¬†[Here]
  • Once you’re on the website enter your Zip code, City, and State to find the nearest restaurant location
  • After you have located the nearest restaurant branch visit it and use the card machine to check your Chick Fil A gift card balance.

Chick-fil-A Customer Services:

  • To contact Chick-fil-A customer support call at this number:¬†¬†1-888-232-1864
  • Once your call has been connected a customer services representative will assist you
  • Listen carefully to the instructions and choose the helpline extension
  • For gift card balance inquiries you’ll have to provide your gift card number
  • When prompted enter your gift card number after the sound of the beep
  • Once the gift card details have been verified wait for a few seconds and the operator will provide you the requested information.

Chick-fil-A Mobile App:

If you haven’t installed the Chick-fil-A mobile application, I would recommend that you should install it to enjoy full benefits of the gift card and also the exclusive discount that the restaurant has to offer. You can order food from the restaurant using the mobile application and also use the gift card for making the payment and keep track of your gift card balance.

The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS device, you can download the mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Is Chick-fil-A Gift Card Reloadable?

Yes, Chick Fil A gift card is reloadable and can easily be reloaded by visiting any nearby restaurant, you can use these gift card at any participating restaurant and also redeem the gift card at a college campus or at malls or airport.

How Can You Replace Your Damaged Chick Fil A Gift Card?

To replace your damaged or unreadable Chick-fil-A gift card visit any restaurant nearby and fill out the card replacement form. The replacement form is also available on the official Chick-fil-A website. You can download it from the website and after completing the form send it via mail to their billing department.

How Can You Replace Your Stolen Chick-fil-A Gift Card?

First of all, you’ll have to report the stolen gift card by contacting the customer support. After that, you’ll have to provide the original purchase receipt in order to request a new gift card. Once the details have been confirmed they will dispatch the new gift card via standard mail at your shipping address.

How Can You Check Gift Card Transaction History?

To check your gift card transaction history you can either do it by contacting the customer services support or also using the official mobile application.

How To Fill Chick-fil-A Gift Card Replacement Form?

  • If you want to replace your gift card you can download the card replacement form the website or click [Here] to download the form.
  • Once you have downloaded the form provide the reason why you want to replace your gift card
  • Enter your “Customer Details” such as your contact information and shipping address
  • After you have filled out the form enter the date and also sign the document
  • You will also have to provide the original sales receipt of the gift card attach it to the form and mail it to this address: Chick-fil-A, Inc. Treasury Department Attention: Gift Cards 5200 Buffington Road Atlanta, GA 30349-2998.

  • Updated October 3, 2020
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