Review: Legit or Scam? kicked off in 1999 as The company started focusing on selling Visa gift card in 2003, they gradually started offering more gift card options on their website.

The company was acquired by Blackhawk Network in 2016. They also own CardPool which is another popular gift card exchange. The aim of the company is to provide top-notch service to both buyers and sellers.

Like other gift card exchanges on the internet, this website also allows you to purchase the gift card at the full dollar amount as well as at a discounted rate. Consumers can shop for both electronic (eGift Card) as well as a plastic card.

You can easily filter for gift cards and retailers with the highest discount percentage. The maximum amount of discount which we saw was 22 percent. If you purchase a physical gift card it will in the mail within 4-9 business days. Trustpilot
TrustPilot Rating

The availability of gift cards varies and so does the discount, Walmart, Amazon, and Target gift cards are very popular and sometimes they are available at discounted rates but during the holiday season, the gift card is available at full value.

But the point of using online gift card exchange is to save money so we were disappointed because if we wanted to buy a gift card at the full value we can easily do so from the official store website or by visiting the store.

The feature which attracted us the most was their rewards program, for every 100 points the customers receives $1 saving the credit for all future purchases. Exchange review Review

Once you have accumulated rewards points you can use it for buying gift cards from qualifying retailers. You will also receive reward points for referring friends using their mobile application and also by linking your Facebook account. mobile application is very robust and can be downloaded from the App store so if you intend to try it out simply search for “Buy Personalized Gift Cards” on Google Play Store or App Store.

However, the mobile application only currently allows you to purchase Visa, Mastercard and retail store gift cards at full face value so if you are looking for discounted cards sold by sellers you should use the official website to find the best offers.

Most of the gift card exchanges don’t sell Visa and Mastercard gift cards while is their authorized reseller so if you want to purchase a prepaid Visa or MasterCard you can easily do so from this exchange but you will have to pay purchasing fees which varies based on the gift card amount.

Cards with low balance will also have a small processing fee for instance: A gift card with the full value between $10 – $74.99 has a processing fee of $2.95, as the value of gift card increases so does the fees the maximum fees is $6.95 for a gift card with $350 – $500.

If you want to order a personalized gift card you’ll have to pay $1 additional but if you don’t want to order a physical card and purchase an electronic gift card you’ll still be charged a fee.


Although we tried our best to give you an overview of the features and products being offered by if you’re still not satisfied click here to visit the official website.

This website is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but like other gift card exchanges one thing is for sure that you will come across hundreds of mixed reviews which makes it difficult to judge a company or website.

However, if you take into consideration other gift card exchanges such as Gift Card Spread this website is more reliable because of their affiliation with popular brands such as Visa and MasterCard.

  • Updated October 3, 2019
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