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How To Access Victoria Secret Gift Card Balance Online

Access Victoria Secret Gift Card Balance Online

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most renowned international lingerie and designer loungewear brand. Victoria’s Secret also offers a gift card that can be purchased online and also from the store. If you own a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card and want to check the balance and status then continue reading this article.

Check Victoria's Secret gift card balance online

These gift cards can be purchased online from Victoria’s Secret website  and also from any of the nearby stores. You can either send the gift card via email (eGift Card) or place an order for a plastic card which will be sent out via regular mail.

Let me guide you on how you can check the balance of your Victoria’s Secret Gift Card online.

How Can One Check Balance Of Victoria’s Secret Gift Card?

In order to check the gift card balance follow these steps:

1. Click this link [Here] it’ll take you to official Victoria’s Secret Gift Card page.
2. Keep scrolling down until you see the section shown in the image below.
3. Enter your Gift Card number in the field.
4. In the next section, you have to provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN) Code.
5. Once you have entered your PIN number click on the button labeled “Check Balance”.
6. That’s it! On the next page, you can see the remaining/current e-gift card balance.

Gift Card balance check online

Victoria’s Secret Help Line:

You can also check the balance of your Victoria’s Secret Gift Card via phone as well.

  1. This is the Toll-Free number for Victoria’s Secret helpline: (800) 270-8999
  2. Once connected just follow the instructions and dial the desired extension.
  3. Enter your gift card number after you hear a beep, wait for a couple of seconds.
  4. The operator will inform you about your current Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balance.

How To Send E-Gift Cards?

  • Visit the official Victoria’s Secret website, select the gift card of your choice.
  • After you have selected the gift card click on the “Shop Now” button.
  • In this step, you can either choose the default design for your gift card or create a custom design with the colors of your choice.
  • Once you’re done now you have to provide the receiver and sender details.
  • Select the number of gift cards you want to order along with the denomination and click on “Add To Bag” button.
  • Enter all shipping information along with the payment information in corresponding fields.
  • Now click on “Check Out” button.
  • All you have to do now is to make the payment for your order and once you have successfully placed the order you’ll receive the confirmation email and the gift card details shortly afterward.

How Can I Use Victoria’s Secret E- Gift Cards?

There are a number of way of using Victoria’s Secret gift card. These days people can sell and trade the gift cards as well on sites like Giftcardgranny. If you want to use the gift card then you can do so by following methods:

Online: Once you have the selected the products that you want to purchase just head over to the Checkout page and once you’re on the payment page enter your 19-Digit gift card number and also the 4-Digit PIN. The payment for your order will then we deducted from your gift card balance.

In Store: You can use Victoria’s Secret e-gift card at any of the stores, make sure to print a copy of your e-Gift Card or just show the cashier the email that contains your gift card number.

By Phone: The gift card holders can also place their orders via phone, just provide the operator your Victoria’s Gift Card number along with your PIN to pay for the order using an e-gift card.

  • Updated December 30, 2018

How to Access Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance

How to Access Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance

Outback Steakhouse Gift Card

Outback Steakhouse is a popular casual dining restaurant chain based in the United States and other parts of the world.

Outback Steakhouse offers gift card facility to their customers. You can purchase online and send it to your loved ones via email or by regular mail as well.

Outback Steakhouse Gift Cards Balance Check

Outback Steakhouse offers the gift cards in different forms i.e. e-Gift Card which can be sent digitally via email and they also offer plastic cards (custom design option also available) that can be shipped via mail. If you want to order the gift card in bulk plastic or electronic you can avail 10% discount on orders worth $1000 or more which also includes free shipping.

If you are in possession of an Outback Steakhouse gift card and want to check the balance, I’ll show you how you can do that in this article.

How To Check Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance?

Just follow these steps to check the balance of your Outback Steakhouse gift card.

Access Outback Steakhouse Balance Check Online:
Access Gift Card Balance Outback Steakhouse
1. Click on this link [here] and it’ll take you to the Outback Steakhouse website.
2. Enter the gift card number (19-Digit starting with 310 or 603) in the box given on the page.
3. On the next page, you’ll be prompted to add a 4 digit security code.
4. In the next step enter verification characters in the corresponding fields.
5. Click on the “Submit” button.
6. That’s it! The balance of your gift card will be displayed now.

Checking Outback Steakhouse gift card balance through Help Line:

You can also check the Outback Steakhouse gift card balance by calling on their helpline.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. To talk with customer service representative make a call at 1-800-242-5353 (Toll-Free).
2. Just follow the instructions.
3. Select the appropriate help extension from the given options.
4. When prompted provide your gift card number.
5. Now after a few seconds, the operator will give you an update regarding the balance of your gift card.

How can I send Outback Steakhouse E-Gift Card Digitally?

Visit the Outback Steakhouse website or [click here] to head over to the gift cards page.

You can choose the default gift card design or create a customized gift card design.

In the next step select the value of your gift card.

Provide the rest of the information:

1. Recipient’s Name and Email id.
2. Your Name and Email id.
3. Now click on the “Add To Cart” button to proceed to the next step.
4. After making the payment for the gift card and you’ll receive the gift card via email in a few minutes.

How Do I Check Status Of My Gift Card Order?

If you have ordered a gift card via mail you’ll be notified by Outback Steakhouse customer support department once you gift card has been dispatched via mail, If you want to confirm the status via phone you can call at 877-625-5786 provide the transaction details and the customer support representative will update you regarding the status of your order.

Can I Replace Lost or Stolen Outback Steakhouse Gift Card?

Yes, you can ask for gift card replacement if you provide Outback Steakhouse the necessary information they’ll review your card history and issue a replacement card. However, you cannot request cash refund if you have lost your gift card or even if it gets stolen.

Do Outback Steakhouse Gift Cards Have Any Fees or Expiration Date?

No, The gift cards do not have any expiration date presently and neither do they have any maintenance or service fees.

These gift cards are a perfect gift for your friends or loved ones. Restaurant gift cards are really popular amongst people who want to give it as a personal or corporate gift.

If you’re not a steak fan you should check out Red Lobster Gift Card instead. They also offer the same service like Outback Steakhouse but with a different sort of menu 

  • Updated December 30, 2018
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