Review: Legit or Scam? kicked off in 1999 as The company started focusing on selling Visa gift card in 2003, they gradually started offering more gift card options on their website.

The company was acquired by Blackhawk Network in 2016. They also own CardPool which is another popular gift card exchange. The aim of the company is to provide top-notch service to both buyers and sellers.

Like other gift card exchanges on the internet this website also allows you to purchase the gift card at the full dollar amount as well as at discounted rate. Consumers can shop for both electronic (eGift Card) as well as plastic card.

Buy eGift Cards

You can easily filter for gift cards and retailers with the highest discount percentage. The maximum amount of discount which we saw was 22 percent. If you purchase a physical gift card it will in the mail within 4-9 business days. Trustpilot
TrustPilot Rating

The availability of gift card varies and so does the discount, Walmart, Amazon and Target gift cards are very popular and sometimes they are available at discounted rates but during holiday season the gift card are available at full value.

Personalized MasterCard Gift Cards from

But the point of using online gift card exchange is to save money so we were disappointed because if we wanted to buy a gift card at the full value we can easily do so from the official store website or by visiting the store.

The feature which attracted us the most was their rewards program, for every 100 points the customers receives $1 saving the credit for all future purchases. Exchange review Review

Once you have accumulated rewards points you can use it for buying gift cards from qualifying retailers. You will also receive reward points for referring friends using their mobile application and also by linking your Facebook account. mobile application is very robust and can be downloaded from the App store so if you intend to try it out simply search for “Buy Personalized Gift Cards” on Google Play store or App Store.

However, the mobile application only currently allows you to purchase Visa,Mastercard and retail store gift cards at full face value so if you are looking for discounted cards sold by sellers you should use the official website to find the best offers.

Most of the gift card exchanges don’t sell Visa and Mastercard gift cards while is their authorized reseller so if you want to purchase a prepaid Visa or MasterCard you can easily do so from this exchange but you will have to pay purchasing fees which varies based on the gift card amount.

Cards with low balance will also have a small processing fee for instance: A gift card with the full value between $10 – $74.99 has a processing fee of $2.95, as the value of gift card increases so does the fees the maximum fees is $6.95 for a gift card with $350 – $500.

If you want to order a personalized gift card you’ll have to pay $1 additional but if you don’t want to order a physical card and purchase an electronic gift card you’ll still be charged a fee.


Although we tried our best to give you an overview of the features and products being offered by if you’re still not satisfied click here to visit the official website.

This website is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but like other gift card exchanges one thing is for sure that you will come across hundreds of mixed reviews which makes it difficult to judge a company or website.

However, if you take into consideration other gift card exchanges such as Gift Card Spread this website is more reliable because of their affiliation with popular brands such as Visa and MasterCard.

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  • February 9, 2019

Gift Card Spread Review – Gift Card Exchange

Gift Card Spread website is exceedingly user-friendly. Stores and Gift Cards are listed alphabetically on the website nevertheless, users can also search by price, card type, as well as a plethora of categories.

giftcard spread exchange review

The website also displays the number of gift cards still available to purchase, and that is also very hassle-free, this is very useful feature especially when you are comparing your choices across multiple gift card exchange websites.

It’s also possible to see the highest possible bargains readily available for virtually any store and the discount can go as high as 28 percent. However, these Discounts and availability are dependent on the gift card supply as well as the demand for a certain retailer/ store gift card, therefore the discounts you will see are wide and varied.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of choices in addition to great discounts on Gift Card Spread website.

This gift card exchange is only one of the few exchanges with a good customer satisfaction rating.(If you take into consideration the authentic customer reviews!)

It is possible to buy both electronic (eGift Card) as well as physical gift cards if you want to purchase a physical gift card the delivery normally requires 3-7 business days by mail.

One more thing, according to the federal law the gift cards should remain active for 5 years after the purchase date. Gift Card Spread only sells gift cards that have at least 6 months left in the future and they also require the gift card sellers to mention these details (expiration date) when listing the gift cards.

However, we would recommend that you thoroughly read the listing before placing your order. Gift Card Spread offers 60 Days guarantee for the cards purchased from their website.

Not only this exchange is suitable for gift card buyers but it is also equally useful for people who want to sell their unwanted gift cards. Once you’re on the website simply click on “sell gift cards” button, enter the name of the store/retailer and card type along with the gift card value. After that, you have to select the offer price they also allow you to select how much profit you would like to see by percentage point or dollar.

After you have provided the necessary information you’ll be prompted to create an account on the website to finish the transaction. You will receive the payment for the gift card in form of a check which will be sent via mail on your address.

Currently, there are no other payout options available unlike other exchanges such as Cardpool. The gift card seller will earn between 60-90% of the card’s face value, this may not seem like the best rate but if you compare it with some of the other gift card exchanges the gift card spread offers a competitive rate for the gift card.

Gift Card Spread has a C rating from Better Business Bureau which is not a good rating considering other competitors. However, BBB rating and reviews are not reliable as many competitors also tend to publish negative reviews against their rivals. Our personal experience with them was very good. The transaction was smooth and we were able to buy as well as sell some unwanted gift cards without any hiccup.

So if you intend to buy a gift card or sell one, make sure to check out this exchange!

  • February 8, 2019

How To Check Levis Gift Card 

In this article, we’re going to provide you with information on how to check Levis Gift Card Balance.

Levis offers 2 types of gift cards:

  • Physical (Plastic) Gift Card
  • eGift Card (Electronic/Digital) Gift Card

Levi's gift card balance

Where Can I Use Levis Gift Card?

The gift card can be used at any Levi’s® Retail Store or U.S. Levi’s® Outlet Stores and also online at and

However, these Gift Cards cannot be redeemed at department stores or non-brand specialty stores.

What if my gift card gets stolen or lost?

The company will not issue a replacement for a lost or stolen gift card so make sure to keep your gift card safe.

Levis currently does not offer reloadable gift cards. 

To check your gift card online please click on the link given below!

Check Gift Card Balance Online:

Once you’re on the website enter your gift card number and PIN code to obtain balance information. (The PIN code is located at the back right-hand side of the gift card, scratch off the grey area to reveal the pin code.)

Levi’s gift card does not expire and neither do they have any kind of admin or maintenance fees.

In order to redeem your gift card for online purchases, simply enter your gift card information at the checkout page. Levi’s does not accept the gift card as a payment method for the order placed over the phone. 

To check your gift card balance over the phone, you can do that by calling at this number: 281-668-2583

  • December 30, 2018

How To Check Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Card 

In this article, we’re going to provide you with information on how to check LongHorn Steakhouse Gift Card Balance.

LongHorn Steakhouse founded in 1981 is one of the most popular American casual dining restaurants and as of 2019, they operate over 500 outlets in the United States alone.

Longhorn Steakhouse was acquired by Darden in 2007. They offer a wide range of steaks and salads at their restaurants, gift card holders receive a special discount on online and dine-in orders.

You’ll find all the necessary information regarding the Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Card.

longhorn steakhouse gift card online

LongHorn Steakhouse offers 2 types of gift cards:

  • Physical (Plastic) Gift Card
  • eGift Card (Digital/Electronic) Gift Card

LongHorn Steakhouse Gift Card can be used for placing online orders and you can also redeem the gift card at any of the restaurant locations. Customers can place an order for a gift card at longhorn steakhouse website the maximum value of the gift card cannot exceed $250.

You can check the gift card balance online or via phone as well!

Check Gift Card Balance Online:

Check Balance via Phone/Email: 1-800-642-7336

Mon – Fri, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST

Official Website:

  • December 30, 2018

How To Check Raleys Grocery Gift Card Balance

In this article, we’re going to provide you with information on how to check Raleys Grocery Gift Card Balance.

You’ll find all the necessary information regarding the Raleys Grocery Gift Card!

Founded in 1935 and with over 120 stores in the United States, Raley’s is one of the largest family-owned supermarket chains that operate stores in Northern California and Nevada.

You can use the gift card at Raley’s as well as at any Bel Air or Nob Hill Foods. Present the gift card to the cashier and purchases will be deducted from the card.

Raleys gift card balance

Raley’s gift card cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. Make sure to keep your gift card safe since the company will not issue a replacement if your gift card is lost or stolen.

The company currently does not offers the facility to check your gift card balance online. However, you can obtain balance information by calling them or using the live chat option available on their website.

The Raleys gift card can be used for making online and in-store purchases. They offer 2 types of gift cards:

  • Physical (Plastic) Gift Card
  • eGift Card (Electronic/Digital Gift Card) 

Do you have an unused Raleys Gift Card?

If you own a Raley’s gift card and want to sell it or exchange it you can easily do that on CardPool or

Check Balance via Phone/Email: 1-800-925-9989

Official Website:

  • December 30, 2018
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